Una, unabridged

young, lost and curious

A “bit” about me

Hello world, Una Pašić Gregović writing (read it really fast and it might not seem as long). I’m lucky enough to carry two last names for the simple reason of being married to an amazing man named Petar Gregović, while coming from the equally amazing Pašić family. As it often turns out in this day and age, I wanted to hold onto tradition while also being an independant and modern young woman, naturally meaning I added my husbands last name to my own, and it now takes me approximately 30 extra seconds to sign my name (and an extra line or two).

I’m 23 years old and a classic millennial (I love rose gold, avocados and am always to blame for whatever goes wrong). Zagreb (Croatia) has been my beloved city for the past 15 years and I enjoy life here with my aforementioned husband (my handsome, bearded husband … crucial bit of information), our two adorable cats (Zara and Queenie), with whom I am mildly obsessed and our newest family member (saving the best for last), our bouncing baby boy that goes by the name of Zrin. In the meantime I enjoy all the classic things young people do (Netflix, coffee with milk, music and everything that’s good in this world), but am forced to adult (work, home, responsibilities…).

I’ve had some pretty awesome luck in life and was born and raised in Alexandria (the real one, in Egypt) which nurtured my love for travel, languages, history and Arabic food (well, food in general really).Combining those two worlds of Egypt and Croatia, Africa and Europe, I graduated from RIT Croatia in Zagreb, majoring in International Business, all ready to take on the world, not expecting the crazy roller coaster life had in mind for me…

…and that’s about it. A young, lost, curious gal who just became a momma, loves DIY projects more than she loves her peace of mind, is into way too many fandoms to count (Harry Potter takes the cake though), loves to work (ignore this if it’s a Monday) and who really misses gin and tonic.